Mr. man has an extensive list of nicknames. Among them:

  • babyman
  • baby Manatee
  • Skoochy
  • Skoocher
  • Bubby (or, “the Bubby” as in, “If the Bubby was here I would squeeze his face right now.”)
  • Boop (or, “the Boop,” as in, “I need to get home to feed the Boop.”)
  • He’ll answer to the occasional “manster,” but begrudgingly.

mr. works of genius

IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2841

These pictures were taken by a kitty who feels the need to stand on any available gadget. (Lucky for me the camera was on and set in kitty selfie mode when he chose to take a seat on my iphone.)

It should be said that he’s no tech snob. While in this instance he plopped himself on top of my mobile phone, and he’s been known to attempt to perch on the closed lid and open keyboard of every laptop I’ve ever owned, he’ll also balance on the cordless landline phone when it’s left on the bed. He’s an equal opportunity plopper.

Sitting on other people’s things is sort of a theme with Mr. Man. He also enjoys sitting on books, magazines, notebooks and individual sheets of paper. Forget about tissue paper. He can’t resist it.

In general, the babyman acts as though anything set down on the floor or couch or bed is for the specific purpose of cushioning his rear end. IF you set something down in front of him you must be aware that in his mind he is hearing “Come put your furry but on this! Please! ASAP!”

If Mr. Man and I are in an empty room and I put a placemat down on the floor, he’s sitting on it like it’s his profession within a matter of minutes. ¬†Currently there is a tiny dollar store rug in the bedroom that he incorporates into games as a sort of home base.