tough week for manatees


mr. stoic man

Mr. Man has been having a tough week. Chest x-rays revealed feline asthma, so we’re working on a plan to help the Booper with his breathing issues. We are super grateful to the vet who suggested the x-rays. Mr. Man has had the same symptoms since babyhood and no one ever suggested feline asthma. He’s been on a course of steroids over the past two weeks, but now we’re going to try an inhaler with a special attachment made for kitties.

Meanwhile, a little sore in the babyman’s nose is causing a vicious sneezy cycle. He licks the sore, which tickles his nose, causes him to have a sneezing fit, he attempts to clean himself up, he inevitably licks the sore again and the cycle continues. As I type this, the little guy is passed out and snoring, catching up on some much-needed kitty zzzs.

mr. rug sniffer


For a kitty with a regularly-stuffy nose, Mr. Man does a lot of smelling. He regularly surveys all of the shoes in the house with his little black nose, sniffing the bottoms and the insides. He spends time sniffing the door mat as if it’s full of essential clues. In the photo above he was bathing in the sun only to take a break to sniff the rug beneath him.

portrait of the man as a young cat


This is not a drawing of Mr. Man — but I do love drawing him. My apartment is littered with doodles of his ridiculously wonderful face. My drawings of him are kind of junky and primitive, but I think they capture his specific brand of spunk. I recently texted a picture of Mr. Man that I had just drawn to a friend who asked if a small child had drawn it. He wasn’t being sassy, he was genuinely asking.

Anyway, there’s always this guy.