Who is Mr. Man?

Who the hell is asking? That’s what Mr. Man would say. You can just ignore him. He’s unpredictably moody and often he is a Walter Mathau-level curmudgeon. Despite these adorable quirks, Mr. Man is an extraordinary and unique feline with a drive for world domination.

A longtime lover of the underdog, Mr. Man is both committed to fighting injustices across the globe and chasing synthetic feathers wherever they are found. He is simultaneously prepared to jump into action whenever the current administration calls on his expertise and always ready to hit the hay for eleven and twelve hour power naps.

Mr. Man is a true everyman. He is a huge fan of carpeted stairs, accessible windows and wadded up register receipts. He takes brand name fresh canned tuna for dinner on Thanksgiving but he is also no stranger to gobbling down the odd dust buffalo or slurping up a tumbleweed of fur.


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