Mr. Man’s Origins

photo (9)Mr. Man hails from the Orange County Animal Shelter where he was found with his mother and sister in a box. Little is known about Mr. Man’s earliest weeks on this planet. His mother was named Tulip. His sister was fluffy and grey. After a short time at the shelter they had both been adopted but Mr. Man had not. He was sick frequently with runny noses and eye infections. One animal shelter volunteer remarked that they had been taking him home every night because they feared leaving him alone.


Mr. Man instantly bonded with someone. The someone packed him up and took him home and purchased one of those squeezy devices for children’s noses to get the boogers out. The someone also purchased several toys for Mr. Man but the only toys he was interested in were a navel orange, a dust bunny and a stolen receipt. He regularly sticks his head in someone’s bag and steals receipts and then run around the house with it. (As he got older, Mr. Man got way more into toys. photo (8)He’s still a sucker for paper towel rolls and balled up pieces of paper but his favorite items include his red tent, his battery-operated spinny thing and his feather wand.)

Mr. Man has ongoing ear, nose and eye issues making him responsible for the occasional snot rocket-splattered window pane. He’s pretty cool about getting his nose wiped and his ears cleaned probably just because being cool is his M.O.

Anyway, from his bathtub antics and his twice-around-the-table-then-behind-the-couch chase game, sweet Mr. Man  brightens someone’s day every day being his delightful self.






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