what do the babyman and a sea otter have in common?

Kanga’s person shared this delightful story with us.  It features a sea otter who uses the same fantastic inhaler attachment that Mr. Man uses to help with his feline asthma.

Mr. Man’s been using his inhaler for several weeks now and he seems to be getting the hang of it.  For the sake of the Babyman’s privacy, there won’t be pictures of him getting his treatment here. But this is adorable.


tough week for manatees


mr. stoic man

Mr. Man has been having a tough week. Chest x-rays revealed feline asthma, so we’re working on a plan to help the Booper with his breathing issues. We are super grateful to the vet who suggested the x-rays. Mr. Man has had the same symptoms since babyhood and no one ever suggested feline asthma. He’s been on a course of steroids over the past two weeks, but now we’re going to try an inhaler with a special attachment made for kitties.

Meanwhile, a little sore in the babyman’s nose is causing a vicious sneezy cycle. He licks the sore, which tickles his nose, causes him to have a sneezing fit, he attempts to clean himself up, he inevitably licks the sore again and the cycle continues. As I type this, the little guy is passed out and snoring, catching up on some much-needed kitty zzzs.

mr. rug sniffer


For a kitty with a regularly-stuffy nose, Mr. Man does a lot of smelling. He regularly surveys all of the shoes in the house with his little black nose, sniffing the bottoms and the insides. He spends time sniffing the door mat as if it’s full of essential clues. In the photo above he was bathing in the sun only to take a break to sniff the rug beneath him.



Mr. man has an extensive list of nicknames. Among them:

  • babyman
  • baby Manatee
  • Skoochy
  • Skoocher
  • Bubby (or, “the Bubby” as in, “If the Bubby was here I would squeeze his face right now.”)
  • Boop (or, “the Boop,” as in, “I need to get home to feed the Boop.”)
  • He’ll answer to the occasional “manster,” but begrudgingly.

mr. works of genius

IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2841

These pictures were taken by a kitty who feels the need to stand on any available gadget. (Lucky for me the camera was on and set in kitty selfie mode when he chose to take a seat on my iphone.)

It should be said that he’s no tech snob. While in this instance he plopped himself on top of my mobile phone, and he’s been known to attempt to perch on the closed lid and open keyboard of every laptop I’ve ever owned, he’ll also balance on the cordless landline phone when it’s left on the bed. He’s an equal opportunity plopper.

Sitting on other people’s things is sort of a theme with Mr. Man. He also enjoys sitting on books, magazines, notebooks and individual sheets of paper. Forget about tissue paper. He can’t resist it.

In general, the babyman acts as though anything set down on the floor or couch or bed is for the specific purpose of cushioning his rear end. IF you set something down in front of him you must be aware that in his mind he is hearing “Come put your furry but on this! Please! ASAP!”

If Mr. Man and I are in an empty room and I put a placemat down on the floor, he’s sitting on it like it’s his profession within a matter of minutes.  Currently there is a tiny dollar store rug in the bedroom that he incorporates into games as a sort of home base.

ms. porter, meet mr. man. mr man, ms. porter.


If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.

– Nan Porter

Mr. Man is a talker. He’s always been a talker. When it’s just the two of us, he usually attempts to boss me from room to room with both meows and a sort of corralling walk, as if he’s herding me somewhere I really need to go but am too stupid to go on my own. If I’m not busy doing something or heading out somewhere, I just go with it.

According to this Associated Press article, meows are all for humans – cats don’t use them to communicate with each other. Cats also talk to us through blinking and tail movements. Mr. Man does this sometimes but mostly, he talks.

If he’s in the tub and wants to play, he howls. If I don’t come, he jumps out and hides in the living room where he wails again until I respond. When I give in and head to the bathroom, I am passed by a little black streak that hurls itself into the tub to await me.

Each day, when I leave in the morning, he waits until I brush my teeth and then starts walking around and crying to let me know I need to give him a treat before I go out the door. Whenever I come home from work, he walks around crying and leads me to the bedroom where he squats down the way he does when he wants me to pick him up. When I do, he purrs and grunts and most times tries to groom my face.

What about you? Do your kitties communicate?

Source: AP: Cats chat with us through meows, blinks and roving whiskers