wing man


Mr. Man is partial to smaller humans, especially the super awesome ones. This particular young man has a special bond with the Maninator. Here they are just chilling…


To his great credit, little Zane knows just how to earn a kitty’s trust. The two of them were precious together.

a blurry but accurate representation of why we are always out of AA batteries

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photo 3

Mr. Man with his battery-powered “hot pursuit” kitty game – a generous gift from his cat-sitter extraordinaire Auntie Pat. The combination of kitty tent and spinny toy keeps the babyman occupied for hours on end. After a bit of exertion, he likes to sit back (sometimes in the tent, sometimes sprawled on the floor) and just watch it go. Note the proximity of the whirring space heater and much-laundered baby chick doll (a very, very old gift from Mr. M’s beloved grandpa).