all cats are black in the dark II (benji’s getting better!)


Benji the celebrikitten is recovering from a successful lifesaving surgery! The little guy is home and back to living the good life with his person Anne, who is so thankful to the fairy godparents who gave money through his fund and veterinary office to pay for his operation. Benji’s prognosis is great and he recovered super fast. Many gave anonymously and Anne and Benji are beyond grateful.

(As for Mr. Man, he swore off money years ago (gambling!), but he’s so thankful good people made good things happen for this sweet baby cat.)

all cats are black in the dark

Mr. Man never asks for money. Treats are another story. That said:

file000896062877Some kitties get super lucky and find homes with good, kind people who truly love them. Benji survived a bunch as a little guy and now he is really loved and living in a forever home and his wonderful person would do anything to get him the help he requires. Sweet Benji needs help getting a surgery that will save his life. Read his beautifully-written story here and help if you can.

For anyone uncomfortable giving over a website, Benji’s person has listed the name of his vet who will allow donations to be made over the phone.
Veterinary Surgical Referral Practice
220 High House Rd, Suite 100
Cary, NC 27513
Anyone donating directly to the practice must specify it is for “Benji Johnson.”

Mr. Man thanks you from the bottom of his feline heart.