happy 4th from kanga man

(The following is a guest post from the super handsome, super talented, friend-of-the-man, Kanga, short for Kangaroo.)

kanga fireworks


Mr. Man asked me to do a guest post, and I said “meow-za, sure brother.” I mean, he could really be my little brother from the same, or different, mother. 

I’m always very impressed by this cool cat and his blog, and I fully support his struggles and triumphs, as well as his affinity for certain toys.

To my point— it is U.S. Independence Day aka the Fourth of July holiday time. As cats, we’re naturally independent, but we need our humans (and even other animals) to fully enjoy our lives. I love hanging out with my human and I enjoy the company of the cockatiel bird friend who lives in my house too.

I wish more humans felt this way and embraced each other and honored their differences. Independent yet together. That’s my holiday wish for all creatures!

P.S. I am very frightened of fireworks, so I’m NOT looking forward to that noise. But my human mom will make sure to keep me safe. If you’re worried about that check out these recommendations

wing man


Mr. Man is partial to smaller humans, especially the super awesome ones. This particular young man has a special bond with the Maninator. Here they are just chilling…


To his great credit, little Zane knows just how to earn a kitty’s trust. The two of them were precious together.