ribbon man

ribbon v. rug man


Devotees of Mr. Man will know he is a big fan of rugs. His little feet and body are delighted by rugs of all kinds, from dollar store doormats to gorgeous oriental carpets he’s not supposed to be on. He enjoys a shag, adores a standard wall-to-wall and goes batty for woven straw.

In these pictures he’s not so much relishing this longtime favorite rug as he is enjoying the rug’s super frayed edges and a ribbon that happens to be near by.

mr. were-you-trying-to-wrap-something?


Mr. Man loves everything about wrapping presents, from the tissue paper, to the boxes, to the ribbon or raffia, to the roll on which the wrapping paper comes.

You might try to wrap a present when he’s occupied with something else. But he’ll hear the swishing of tissue paper and the unraveling of ribbon and come running from whatever room he is in.

IMG_3032 IMG_3034

IMG_3036 IMG_3035