tough week for manatees


mr. stoic man

Mr. Man has been having a tough week. Chest x-rays revealed feline asthma, so we’re working on a plan to help the Booper with his breathing issues. We are super grateful to the vet who suggested the x-rays. Mr. Man has had the same symptoms since babyhood and no one ever suggested feline asthma. He’s been on a course of steroids over the past two weeks, but now we’re going to try an inhaler with a special attachment made for kitties.

Meanwhile, a little sore in the babyman’s nose is causing a vicious sneezy cycle. He licks the sore, which tickles his nose, causes him to have a sneezing fit, he attempts to clean himself up, he inevitably licks the sore again and the cycle continues. As I type this, the little guy is passed out and snoring, catching up on some much-needed kitty zzzs.

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